Student Midwifery Sessions

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We have organised a series of study sessions where Student Midwives can come along and gain extra breastfeeding knowledge.

These sessions are not designed to replace any breastfeeding course provided by your university, but to enhance your knowledge.

The session lasts for 2 hours, costs £15 (with a minimum of three attendees) which includes refreshements and an information pack designed for the Student Midwife.

Topics covered:

* Benefits of Breastfeeding, including benefits of antenatal
breastfeeding information.

* Positioning and Attachment - teaching a new mum to position her
baby, includes a DVD viewing

* The effects of Birth on breastfeeding - choices of pain relief and
their effects on breastfeeding, when birth does not go to plan and the
effect on breastfeeding.

* Common breastfeeding problems on postnatal ward

* What is normal for a breastfed baby in the days following birth

* Thrush and Mastitis, looking out for the signs and appropriate
treatments available.

* Common myths about breastfeeding

* Dealing with 'pressure' on the mother and avoiding making her feel